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How to Buy Beats?

1. Click +ADD next to the beat(s) you wish to order

2. Select the license you require

3. When you are ready to order, click Buy Now in the top right to redirect to PayPal

4. After payment you will receive the Download links to your beats to your PayPal email address (please check your junk mail)

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and all major debit/credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc). All transactions are made via Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make your transactions.

for $49.99 and up you can use and Western union.

Will the beat be removed from the website once I buy it?

Beat deleted from beat store only if you buy exclusive rights.

Do I have to pay the producer a percentage of the royalties I accrue?

No. All licenses are 100% royalty-free..

What do the different licenses mean?

Actually, it’s very easy. The leasing licenses work all the same.

(Non-Exclusive .MP3,      Wav Lease .WAV,          Trackouts Lease .Separated wav files,          Unlimited you can sell and use unlimited But not own the beat). Leasing |means, that you are allowed to record your song, to sell and distribute it to a limited number of times, until you need to buy a new Leasing license. Exclusive means, that we will transfer the whole ownership to you. In that case, the beat isn’t eligible for purchase once the agreed fee has been paid and both parties have signed the contract.

What does a purchase at markeziproducer.com include?

Each purchase includes a contract stating your rights of the ownership and the files in high quality MP3 or WAV format. You will receive these files as an electronic download-link after your payment has been completed. If you purchase Premium Trackouts or Exclusive Rights, you will receive the beat in separated WAV audio files as well.

I want to use a beat for my video(s) on Youtube. What do I have to do?

You can use our beats for your Youtube video(s) (background music) for free as long as you link our website in the video description and if you don’t monetize your video. If you make profit of your video(s) you have to purchase a Standard Lease. This Lease can be used for up to 250.000 views for a single video, or as a combination of several videos, if it is used multiple times. Receiving more than 250,000 views means that a new Lease has to be purchased.

Do you make custom beats?

Yes, we also make custom beats! Prices start at $149.99 USD and depend on the length and complexity of the track. If you have any more questions, contact me on contact form

I have bought Exclusive Rights to a beat. Can it be leased again or has it been leased before?

Once Exclusive Rights to a beat have been sold, the beat may not be sold/leased anymore. However, it might be possible that a beat has been leased to several persons before it is sold exclusively.

Exclusive Rights to a beat I leased previously have been sold. Do I need to worry about?

No! As long as the distribution number described in your licensing contract is not reached, you won’t need to worry at all.